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I’m Shaiq Uddin, Chieflancer at Freelance Supremacy and the founder of SkyQuest Interactive digital agency. On this website, I publish insanely useful articles and training material to help struggling freelancers win more clients and generate a recurring income every month.

You’re here right now because you might be finding it hard to win more clients who pay easily. Or you find it difficult to consistently generate business and charge more. Perhaps, you feel like standing on the edge of a cliff and falling off.

But you aren’t the only one.

I’ve been there too. I failed to close my first web design gig in 2010 when I started freelancing. I failed to retain even a single client for more than a month. I failed to specialize and had to shut down my very first design agency within a year. I failed several other times in my early freelancing years until I decided to put a brake on everything I did to identify my mistakes and then carefully test my methods out one by one to see what works and what does not.

Most of the things I got right in early stages were due to trial and error experiments I did. Later on, I started to read about customer psychology and marketing and then actually implemented all that knowledge to improve my business strategies.

Since then, I’ve seen immense growth in my freelance business. In less than 2 years (from March 2015 and onwards) I’ve expanded into a full-time digital agency with a team of ten people. In fact, I’m now able to free up time and get involved in several academic and social activities to add value to my personal development as well. But the single most important thing that I’ve learned from all my experiences is to stay focused on key tasks only that are essential to win more clients and increase productivity. And that’s exactly what I’ll be teaching you on this blog and in my email newsletter.

To date, many freelancers still don’t realize that the most difficult part of freelancing is not the actual work they do, it’s focusing on specific, systematic processes that help them win more clients quickly.

I call these processes ‘Growth Engines’.

Just like most race car enthusiasts install upgraded engines to add more power to their cars, similarly, I’ve used these growth engines to level up my business in a predicted and a measurable manner over the time. Some of these engines that I’ve been teaching my Freelance Supremacy students are:

  • Specialization Engine
  • Referral Engine
  • Outreach Engine
  • Automation Engine etc.

Each engine functions differently. For example, the specialization engine improves my ranking among the competition in a narrow market and the outreach engine generates hundreds of high-quality sales leads every month. And switched on together, these two engines bring me a consistent flow of business while highlighting me as an expert to a targeted market vertical that brings me more business.

So Here’s Why My Material Works For You…

As there’s already a ton of fluff on the internet about freelancing and making money online, I know I have to stand out by earning your trust and delivering value with every piece of content I publish.

Unlike other “experts” out there who write “101 ways to get freelance work”, I take a different approach and show you both the pros and cons of each strategy that I share.

That results in a better understanding and gives you a clear picture of what you should be doing next and the outcomes that you can predict after implementing them.

For example: My 2000+ words article on Millo attracted hundreds of new freelancers who found my strategy extremely useful for their current freelance business and most of them ended up joining my email list right after reading that post.

Every thing I publish is carefully crafted to show you the exact systems to help you win more clients and live a stable Freelance Life. No sugar-coating, no BS, no random tactics or hacks. Just tested step-by-step frameworks that work in the real world and produce solid results without wasting a bunch of your time and money.

As 95% of my training material I share is absolutely free of cost, you can use my word-for-word email scripts to get your first paying client, join my 9-lesson email course on generating recurring revenue, learn how to sell productized services easily or grab my free spreadsheet CRM tool to collect and manage sales leads, to name a few.

Only focus on specific systems that will dramatically grow your freelance business, and you’ll never have to worry about inconsistent flow of freelance work again.

So if you are an independent freelancer or a consultant seriously focused on taking your business to the next level, then click the button below and sign up for my FREE newsletter — sent every few days — and you’ll receive detailed strategies and frameworks that I never share with the public. 



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