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“How to find freelance clients every month?”

That’s exactly what I asked myself seven years ago when I began to freelance.

I feared I’d be out of the game very soon if I don’t figure out how to find freelance clients on a regular basis every month.

And probably, you’re also going through the same situation right now…

But what if I tell you that there’s a step-by-step system on how to find freelance clients and increase your monthly revenue?

Earn $1,000: Easily.
Work with high-end clients: Always.
Start a profitable consultancy: Very soon.

Hi, my name is Shaiq Uddin and I’m the Chieflancer at Freelance Supremacy.

When I started freelancing back in 2010 I had no clue where do I get work from. I had to learn everything from scratch and I experimented with whatever tactic I got my hands on.

After wasting hundreds of hours listening to different podcasts, reading blogs on ‘making money online’, and trying totally unrealistic ways to finding more clients, I finally started to get involved with high-earning freelancers to learn and discover their best practices to earning more.

Cutting the long story short…

I’m here to help you solve your client finding problem by showing you systematic practices that will fill your sales pipeline up with premium leads and projects every month.

And that’s exactly what you’re looking for!

At Freelance Supremacy, my team and I discover new strategies on how to find freelance clients and revise the old ones every month. Then we hand pick and package up the best of these strategies into actionable content so that you can implement them easily.

Example #1 (Getting busy entrepreneurs to listen to you and hiring you)

Back in 2015, I improved an ‘Old School’ email strategy and used it to outreach a few popular bloggers to tell them about a new high-value service I was offering. Right after sending them the email, I started receiving responses like these:



The best part? It only took me 30 minutes to implement this entire strategy.

Example #2 (Impressing clients with ‘PAID’ micro-tasks)

You might have heard of winning projects by doing a free initial job. This was the typical boring way of doing that:

– You email someone
– Offer a free service upfront
– If the client likes it, he’d hire you

What if you could perform the same upfront task for a few hundred dollars instead and your client then happily hires you?

Like this:


Sounds awesome? 🙂

Look, these strategies aren’t difficult to implement and it only takes consistency to start seeing the results. However, with an overflow of information on the internet and the increasing distraction rates among humans, it’s hard to find tested and proven systems and sticking to them to achieve your goals.

And that’s where I come in. I do that hard work for you.

Every week, I email out a new strategy in small bite-sized chunks to help you easily learn how to find freelance clients, generate recurring revenue every month, and run a profitable consultancy.

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