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I was invited to test this free course about a month and a half before the launch date. Using the outreaching and packaging strategies I learned from this program, I had generated over $3k in bookings only for my new infographic design service.
brandon-warshaw—Brendan W, Freelance Graphic Designer

Shaiq Uddin

Meet your Teacher

The most difficult part of freelancing isn’t the real work. It’s the art of landing premium contracts every month that keeps your business alive.

Hi, I’m Shaiq Uddin. Chieflancer at Freelance Supremacy and your teacher for this course. After being a freelancer for 5+ years, starting a digital agency from ground zero and working with some top entrepreneurs like Dan Martell, I’ve been able to create a powerful business system that results in recurring revenue every month.

Instead of writing a 100-page eBook, I’ve put together a free, 9-lesson email course that will show you step-by-step how to choose a unique service idea and convert it into a life-long business that you could be proud of.

Let’s get started!

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

I’ve designed this course to show you the exact blueprint you need to follow to start a profitable freelancing business that generates recurring revenue every month. Each lesson is precise and actionable and takes about 6 to 7 minutes to read. You may also find an interactive resource with some lessons that will help you quickly apply the strategies to your unique business.

⇒ Lesson #1: Set Your Goal
⇒ Lesson #2: Choosing A Valid Service Idea
⇒ Lesson #3: Defining Your Target Audience
⇒ Lesson #4: Productizing Your Service
⇒ Lesson #5: Generating High-Quality Leads
⇒ Lesson #6: Qualifying Leads
⇒ Lesson #7: Closing the Sale
⇒ Lesson #8: Getting More Clients From Facebook
⇒ Lesson #9: Automating Your Freelancing Business