Hey! Welcome to my blog.

I’m Shaiq Uddin, Chieflancer at Freelance Supremacy and a digital agency owner. On this website, I publish insanely useful articles and training to help creative individuals learn how to get more clients and become a successful freelancer in less time.

You’re here right now because you may be struggling to find more clients. Or you find it difficult to raise your rates and charge what you’re worth. Perhaps, you feel like standing on the edge of a cliff and falling off.

But you aren’t the only one.

I’ve been there too. I’ve experienced many failures in my freelance career until I managed to step up and focus on specific big wins that were essential for growing my business. And this is what I’ll be teaching you on this website.


Here’s me at the Payoneer Freelancers Forum (2015) held in Karachi. (Sorry about the bad picture quality – this is the only one I had)

To date, many freelancers still don’t realize that the most difficult part of freelancing is not the actual work they do, it’s the stuff related to growing your solo business and getting better results from marketing — something that freelancers are least bothered with.

Yes, we’re talking about critical topics like positioning yourself, promoting, pricing, understanding your target audience, landing projects, getting paid on time and ultimately becoming a successful freelancer.

(Whoa! That’s some serious stuff)

If you’re like most of the freelancers, working more for less, and never paying attention to your personal branding, then I can predict you won’t make it too far in the long run.

I’m not at all trying to discourage you, I’m just trying to be brutally honest.

But why should you read my stuff?

I know you have a lot of choices in who you read, so I know I have to earn your trust with every single piece of content I publish.

I’ve been in this freelancing world for around 7 years now, experimenting with different strategies and iterating the ones that work for me. I started with working on small design gigs on oDesk (now Upwork), and earning a few extra bucks every month, like most of the other freelancers do.

However, working for peanuts and becoming a cog in the wheel of so-called popular “freelancing platforms” wasn’t something that I enjoyed. And I realized it early that I was losing out on a lot of opportunities by staying small.

Therefore I started my first solo design agency, RaptureBits, back in 2012. With almost zero resources and a hint of experience, I somehow managed to earn a few projects and kept my tiny business alive.

But after a bit of well-timed advice and spending countless days on improving my strategies (that I learned from replicating what larger agencies were doing), I was able to gradually automate my entire process and linearly grow my solo business.

Since then, I’ve been working with several different clients and successfully running my current digital agency.

However, I’ve always found it great in helping freelancers to survive and thrive in the competition.

But hey, I’m not a GURU!

I don’t like calling myself that and I hate lecturing my readers with generic advice. There’s already a ton of crap on the internet about making money online. (And you’re not here to read the same fluff again and again)

I take a different approach than most of the “experts” out there. Instead of just saying “do X to get Y results”, I perform and explain every step and show you both the successes and the failures of each strategy that I teach.

That results in a better understanding and gives you a clear picture of what you should do next.

Because freelancing is not only about earning money with a finite set of steps. It’s about reaching out to the right people (with buying and decision taking power), making good relationships with them, and doing superbly amazing work that makes them to happily pay for your services every time they hire you. It’s simply a lifestyle business that everyone would love to have!

Trust me, you don’t have any other option but to learn and grow.

So let me ask you once again…

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Talk soon!